Hello there, friend! 

My name is Fiona Matisse Barney. You can call me Fiona if you’d like. I am an artist, illustrator, and avid explorer of ideas. I am constantly making things, learning, and surrounding myself with things that make me happy. 

I love creating goofy creatures and whimsical worlds, anthropomorphizing everyday objects, and watching silly cartoons like Summer Camp Island and Over The Garden Wall. I am inspired by color, patterns, children’s books, rocks, plants, animals, bugs, and cute fun things! 

I am passionate about learning about different perspectives, attempting to help others feel seen, and putting good into the world. If you are interested in contacting me, message me through Instagram or feel free to email me!




Photos: John Barkiple 

Fiona Matisse Barney is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Orem, Utah. She graduated with a BFA in Art and Art Education in April of 2021. Barney comes from a family of artists and educators. She employs a long list of media and processes to make her work, including; photography, illustration, printmaking, installation, painting, plush sculpture, and performance.